True to You

I’ve come to realize how important living your own life is. You can’t live to please others. You can’t live in a way that feels forced, because it’s what others expect, or want from you. Not if it’s not truly in your heart. You may feel like you’re disappointing loved ones… but if you betrayContinue reading “True to You”

Just a Friendly Reminder: You’re Kind of Amazing

I know you’re fighting. Fighting to feel worthy. Fighting to find peace. Fighting for growth. Fighting to feel like you again. I just wanted to tell you, I know you’ll get there. You’ve made it this far, through every challenge, every setback, every heartbreak, and you’re still here. Please remember to be kind to yourself,Continue reading “Just a Friendly Reminder: You’re Kind of Amazing”

2 Years in New Zealand

Let me start by painting an honest picture of what my life looked like in the months before deciding to come to New Zealand. I was an Early Childhood Educator, and was working 40 hours a week as a Preschool teacher in my hometown of Kingsville, Ontario. I was also working various part time jobsContinue reading “2 Years in New Zealand”

Shining Brighter

I hope you heal from the things you don’t talk about. I hope you grow from the challenges you fight alone. I hope you become stronger from the secrets you keep. I hope you realize your worth isn’t based on how many times you struggle, break down or lose your footing. I hope you knowContinue reading “Shining Brighter”

Lifelong Learning

We all have a past. We’ve all made decisions at some point that we now find regretful. No one is spared from the experience of being an imperfect human. Some people will continue to cling to their choices, not ever recognizing their own flaws. They’ll turn their heads, choosing not to acknowledge or take responsibilityContinue reading “Lifelong Learning”

Strength is Holding On

You know what’s OK? Not always feeling OK. 2021 has been a really hard year for me (shockingly, nothing to do with Covid.) The tough times just seem to keep coming, and remaining positive has been a struggle. Some unexpected and awful news absolutley blindsided me this past week, and it felt like more thanContinue reading “Strength is Holding On”

Sunshine and Rainbows, Only?

Toxic positivity… I’ve come to realize this is a legitimate thing, and I’m guilty of it. Dismissing your (or someone else’s) feelings of overwhelm, sadness, loss, worry, doesn’t do the good you’re hoping it will. Phrases like, “Just keep your chin up, you’ll get over it, things can’t be that bad, it could be worse.”Continue reading “Sunshine and Rainbows, Only?”

Welcome to My Blog!

I feel it’s important to start out by saying, I am in no way tech savvy. I’m lucky if I can use a light switch correctly most days. So disclaimer: if this blog is a mess it’s not due to lack of care, just a general lack of knowledge of all things requiring more userContinue reading “Welcome to My Blog!”

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