Just a Friendly Reminder: You’re Kind of Amazing

I know you’re fighting. Fighting to feel worthy. Fighting to find peace. Fighting for growth. Fighting to feel like you again. I just wanted to tell you, I know you’ll get there. You’ve made it this far, through every challenge, every setback, every heartbreak, and you’re still here. Please remember to be kind to yourself,Continue reading “Just a Friendly Reminder: You’re Kind of Amazing”

Sunshine and Rainbows, Only?

Toxic positivity… I’ve come to realize this is a legitimate thing, and I’m guilty of it. Dismissing your (or someone else’s) feelings of overwhelm, sadness, loss, worry, doesn’t do the good you’re hoping it will. Phrases like, “Just keep your chin up, you’ll get over it, things can’t be that bad, it could be worse.”Continue reading “Sunshine and Rainbows, Only?”