Oh, well hey there!

So, I never realized how awkward it feels having to write an “about you” paragraph… eek, super cringey, but here it goes. I’m Meg 🙂 I’m a cold hating Canadian, currently living in New Zealand🥝🇳🇿 I was in desperate need of a change from 12 years working as a Preschool teacher, and just generally feeling like I was in an overall rut with my life back at home. So what better way to shake things up just a smidge, than moving halfway around the world solo? I’m also a complete social conundrum (I’ve been told), as I’m panicked by having to make phone calls, but will hop on a plane to start a new life. I like to think I’m just a brave coward 😂

Some of my interests include naturopathy, astrology, Reiki healing and travel, amoung about 100 other things (so hard to narrow them down!) I’ve always loved and enjoyed writing, and find it to be an amazing therapeutic outlet. I also find the writing of others to be a source of comfort, community and inspiration. I love how even the simplest of things can be worded in a way that gives you an entirely different viewpoint or perspective, or just an encouraging feeling of “Wow, someone else understands my feelings of XYZ too”. I’m a hugely introverted extrovert, so I need a fair bit of alone time to recharge, but I also seek company and connection with others (see the problem there?) So connecting with others through writing has been an absolute blessing to me. I’m excited to see where this new blogging experience will fit into that!

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