Lifelong Learning

We all have a past. We’ve all made decisions at some point that we now find regretful. No one is spared from the experience of being an imperfect human. Some people will continue to cling to their choices, not ever recognizing their own flaws. They’ll turn their heads, choosing not to acknowledge or take responsibility for their actions. They’ll defend themselves to the end, never admitting mistakes.

Here’s where we can differ. We may all be flawed, but we also all have the same opportunity to wake up everyday and make the choice to work on being better than we were yesterday. Acknowledge our mistakes, our flaws and shortcomings. We’re here to learn, and to grow. No one is perfect. No one is acing life as a straight A student. Only those that think they are, are the ones who are truly failing. The plus side? No grade here is final. Be willing to learn, grow, ask questions, make discoveries and move forward. The opportunity to do so is always there, it’s up to you to take it.

Published by Megan S

Just another messy human, learning, growing, stumbling, and succeeding at being perfectly imperfect.

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